The nurture tracks need you

June 28, 2021

A lot of companies send nurture tracks to new users or new leads (or both). These email campaigns are sent automatically by machines on a pre-defined timeline, and often include tips on how to use a product, what content resources are available, why you’d want to talk to a sales rep, and so on.

It’s like living in the future!

Except that, in our experience, most nurture tracks are lovingly crafted and then ignored for months or years on end.

Which is a shame because, depending on your company, this might be thousands (or even millions!) of users who you could be seeing all your brand new content. And it doesn’t take all that long to take a red pen to those email tracks and make sure you’ve got the latest stuff in there.

🏄 What you can do

Talk to your demand gen team. Graciously. Ask them about the nurture tracks. You might say:

When was the last time we looked at the nurture track? If it was a while ago, I’d love to take a look at it.

Let them know what you have to offer:

  • Update content links in the emails
  • Add additional emails with more resources
  • Refine the email copy
  • Remove the lowest-performing emails and replace them with better ones

You might even add “nurture track” as one of your distribution channels. Every time something new gets published, see if you can include it in an onboarding or nurture flow.

(Too many nurture track emails? Start segmenting them, by persona, by company size, by buyer stage, and so on.)

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