How live chat can improve content performance

May 21, 2020

Live chat can’t directly affect your SEO and content performance, since it’s ephemeral and private, so Google has no way to index it. But it can indirectly help you in a huge number of ways.

  • The more time you spend with customers, the better. Data has a way of isolating marketers, but real live conversations can help fix that. That’s true for you as a marketer, and also for your customers, whose experience is often dramatically enriched by talking to an actual person.

  • Chat data informs keyword strategy. From a strategy perspective, questions that your customers ask are key inputs for building a keyword strategy. If you run a guitar shop and you get a few questions every week about “double-necked guitars”, be sure to at least evaluate “double-necked guitars” as a topic you might want your SEO strategy, and your content strategy, to deal with.

  • Ideas for new content and updates to existing content. Even if not every live chat phrase is strategic, chats with your customers are an important source of ideas for new content to write, or reasons to make existing content more prominent. Do you get asked frequently about whether you also sell ukuleles? If you do, consider adding more information about ukuleles to your navigation so visitors can find it themselves. Ask visitors whether your answers meet their needs, and for bonus points, tag prospects so that you can follow up with them when you publish new content that addresses their questions.

  • Objection handling in advance. Questions can also let you pre-address common misconceptions. If a visitor is interested in buying a cheap guitar for travel, ask them why – and take the opportunity to inform them that quality guitars last longer, and hold up better, when you’re traveling with them.

  • Insight into trends. What customers ask on your site gives you information about trends that might affect your business. In a couple weeks after a meme-worthy performance on a reality show, are you noticing more questions about keytars? Write a post explaining what these are and what to consider when buying, and send that out in your next newsletter to all of your early adopters.

  • Better experience is good for SEO. Most generally, better customer service and experience leads to more time on site, more backlinks, and more recommendations, which are key to SEO performance and to as many people seeing your content as possible.


Live chat is not particularly new, but it’s getting more and more popular. And experiences with human beings are still popular, and will continue to be. Using chat as a way to connect with visitors not only improves your site experience, but it can also give you a window into what your customers are thinking, which can increase the value and reach of your content.

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