How to pick seed keywords

A short list of places to look for building your seed keyword list.

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Why invest in organic search?

Aside from its importance as a marketing channel in general, organic search creates trust, doesn't depend on spend, and is a helpful lever for thinking about your strategy and site in general.

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Building keyword strategies efficiently

You don't have to spend a lot of time to build a really high-quality keyword strategy.

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Don't worry too much about duplicate content

A lot of content marketers freak out about duplicate content, but they don't need to. Here's why.

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How small companies and startups should choose a content management system

Choosing a CMS is one of the most important decisions you’ll make with your marketing tech stack.

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Starting from zero with content marketing

Content marketing is hard. Here's how to build a minimum viable content marketing engine.

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How to speed up team learning

Your team's most important skill isn't writing, or promoting, or crunching engagement numbers. It's learning.

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Develop topic expertise by hanging out with your Services team

Content marketers assigned to complex SaaS products? Don't stress. Team members and colleagues can help you write well about the tech.

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What marketers can learn from developer advocates

Marketers can learn a lot from developers, as one developer advocate explains – especially those developers who resist very the idea of β€˜marketing’.

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Comparison page best practices

How to put together a page comparing your product to your competitors.

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Markdown makes content marketing easier

Why Markdown is a helpful tool for content marketers.

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Product positioning and messaging should drive content

Product marketing is about finding the best way to talk and think about your product. Here’s how that applies to content performance and SEO.

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Google Discover for B2B marketers

Google Discover isn't worth prioritizing for most B2B marketers right now.

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Host your B2B blog on Medium? No, but read on

Why you probably shouldn't host your B2B blog on Medium, and what to do instead.

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Marketing attribution setup for B2B companies

A simple marketing attribution model that is realistic to implement but supports sophisticated analytics.

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Search engine friendliness audit

Make your site easy to use for search engines.

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Usability audit

Usability is surprisingly important for overall site performance.

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Analytics audit

Make sure you're tracking performance correctly.

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Navigation audit

Help your visitors easily find what they're looking for.

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Images audit

Images are a critical way to communicate, but can also cause problems for content performance.

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Speed is a feature

Speed really matters for content performance – and we're talking more than just a site's basic load time.

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Forms audit

Keep your forms as easy to use as possible.

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Building the idea-to-content pipeline

You can create content on a daily basis without compromising quality or draining your labor budget. A content pipeline can be low-touch, high-yield.

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Google's motivations

Why does Google do what it does? Self-interest. Make peace with this fact and you can start building a more robust web presence on (and beyond) Google.

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Useful questions for user tests

Use unmoderated user testing to learn how visitors read your site.

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Calls to action audit

Build calls to action that are easy to find and use.

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Content tagging audit

Prevent common problems that make your site harder to find on search and in social media.

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Basics audit

Make sure your site avoids fundamental issues that can hamper performance.

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Principles for driving content performance

Principles for building content that performs.

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Good questions for customer interviews

How to interview customers and get their words into your content strategy.

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Building trust with your site visitors

Is trust more important than attention?

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A/B testing for startups

What startups should focus on for A/B testing – even if they don't generate much traffic data. Traditional A/B principles can be applied to smaller scale tests.

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The 5-minute SEO audit

How to focus on SEO fundamentals.

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Programs, not campaigns

Why better (and better-performing) marketing is ongoing, iterative, and value-focused.

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Help your customers unsubscribe

Why email marketers should make it easy for receipients to unsubscribe.

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Marketing without Google Analytics

What does a post-Google-Analytics future look like? Do you even need it today?

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Less data, more context

At a minimum, users, sessions, and pageviews, and of course entrances, bounce rates, and retained sessions.

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404 page checklist

The most important things to do on your 404 page.

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Google Analytics visitor opt-out Javascript

Let your visitors opt out of Google Analytics tracking.

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What data do content marketers actually need?

The measures that matter for content marketers.

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Finding and using customer language

Customer language is what your customers say – and how they search for you.

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When to remove content

Some strategies to repurpose and reuse content.

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How to organize your blog

There's a more flexible way to think about your blog.

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To write for humans, understand robots

Writing for humans these days means you also need to write with robots (data and algorithms) in mind.

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Can longer forms have better engagement?

Yes, sometimes they can! Here's why.

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Search experience optimization

A better way to think about the term "SEO".

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Causes of too much direct traffic in Google Analytics

A lot of it's email, but there are some other things, too.

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How live chat can improve content performance

Live chat doesn't help directly, but indirectly it can make a big difference.

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What is the content stack?

The content stack involves production, distribution, conversion, strategy, and analytics; here's how these layers work together.

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How to set up your nav bar for the best SEO

Structuring your navigation bar is mostly about usability.

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Simplify, or your users will do it for you

Your users can't take in everything you want to say right away. How can you pick strategically?

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Content expiration

Why it's important to expire (or better yet, update!) your out-of-date content

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Young warrior

An important story.

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