Introducing Ercule's guide to content optimization strategy

March 1, 2022

Google Analytics is ugly… and absolutely essential.

You need that data to improve the content on your site. But the sprawling GA interface has scared away many content marketers. Perhaps even you.

This makes us, at Ercule, mad!

So we wrote a detailed guide: “Building a content optimization strategy for traffic, leads, and revenue.”

Because you should be able to access the data you need. And make sense of it. And use it to build a high-quality content library.

🍱 What’s in this guide?

The content optimization guide includes a crash course in analytics, plus a step-by-step guide for pulling data from Google Analytics, and…

A user-friendly tool that automatically crunches and sorts your data, then shows you where to start updating.

This guide is designed for any writer or marketer who’s interested in using analytics to work smarter, not harder. No experience required. We designed it to be…

  • Accessible – teaching about performance metrics in simple, nuts-and-bolts language

  • Practical – showing you how to get exactly what you need from Google Analytics

  • Instructional – prescribing update tasks for content, based on the data

  • Strategic – creating a prioritized plan of attack for your entire library

In a few hours, you’ll have a fully operational content optimization strategy for your website.

🏄🏼 What you need to get started

We’ll say it again: you can begin by knowing nothing about analytics or optimization.

To start crunching your site’s data using the optimization template, all you need is access to your site’s Google Analytics account. That’s it: just the log-in.

Even without that info, you could get started with the crash course on content metrics right now.

Really. It’s that simple.

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