Tracking content performance with Search Console Insights

July 15, 2021

Google just released a tool called Search Console Insights, which is going to make performance tracking a lot more accessible.

A lot of this stuff is available already in Google Analytics, but the new Insights tool combines Analytics with Search Console and sends you little updates periodically on your content performance.

Let’s take the report as an example. Today, it’s showing:

  • The query that’s driving the most traffic to us from Google
  • How our newest content is doing, in terms of pageviews
  • A pointer to some content that has a much lower bounce rate than our other stuff, worth investigating

Plus there are some cute badges, like a nice little trophy next to a term where we rank in the top 5. Pop pop!

🏄 What you can do

If you have Google Search Console set up, you have access to Search Console Insights. Here’s a link, too. The information that Insights will show you is not systematic. But it is a great way to start conversations with your team:

  • Traffic is down on our whitepapers…
  • Our organic ranking is improving for keywords X and Y. Now would be a good time to work on new keyword campaigns…
  • Website XYZ is driving the most traffic to our lead capture page. How can we leverage this?
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