Google Discover for B2B marketers

September 12, 2020

(Re)launched in 2018, Google Discover is Google’s newsfeed-like experience that proactively presents information to logged-in users before they search, on topics that Google thinks are interesting for them.

For example, a user might see on their Google homepage a guitar tutorial, or a specific news item that’s similar to what they’ve read before.

We expect Discover to contribute very little traffic to B2B publishers. Discover appears to surface mostly entertainment- and news-related items. In addition, Discover updates the newsfeed constantly, which means evergreen content is less likely to show up, and probably to be tapped on, than more current content.

Inclusion in Discovery requires best practices around content tagging, including publication date, author, and contact information, as well as setting image previews to large. See Google’s content policies for more. Most of these are best practices, but some may require special effort which for most B2B marketers won’t make sense to invest.

This article from Search Engine Journal includes more statistics and information about how Discover works.

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