Google is changing your page titles on SERPs

September 22, 2021

Does your page title look different in search results than it used to? You’re not imagining it. Google has started amending HTML titles as it sees fit, the same way it started amending meta descriptions a while back.

Google released this statement about its new policy and this gist is this: if your title tag isn’t optimized, Google’s going to take a crack at it.

“HTML title tags don’t always describe a page well,” according to Google’s statement. Specifically, they’re altering title tags that are:

  • Too long
  • Lacking descriptive language
  • Keyword-stuffed
  • Empty (no title tag used)

🏄 What you can do

While they claim that the title change isn’t going to affect ranking, it might affect conversion – Google’s improvised titles are a bit clunky.

In order to stay in control over how your page is presented in search, try this:

  • Search a few of your pages right now. How are your titles looking?
  • Inventory your site – is every page using a title tag?
  • Revise: short, concise, specific, direct
  • Consult Google’s best practices for titles
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