Great marketing is about creating shared value

June 28, 2021

We recently read a LinkedIn post that inspired a lot of great conversations on our team.

Last week, Sarah Colley wrote about one overlooked benefit of adding expert quotes to her content: When you quote someone for a piece, they’ll probably share that piece with the world.

How does this benefit your content distribution?

It’s social proof, which every content distribution channel (and its almighty algorithms) depends on.

  • Google loves backlinks
  • LinkedIn loves content that’s shared by more people
  • Good old fashioned word-of-mouth increases when interesting people join in

More importantly, great marketing is about creating shared value.

Sarah’s tactic is a great example. Expert quotes benefit everyone involved with the content:

  • Customers get more thorough content
  • Experts expand their reach and esteem
  • Marketers have an easier time writing

🧨 So here’s a challenge for you

Ask yourself: how can you make current content projects more valuable by including others? Extra credit question: How can you do this with your product?

Thanks, Sarah, for inspiring us with your post.

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