Content velocity, and why it’s critical for content marketing performance

September 1, 2021

Putting words on a page is hard and, as hard as it is, it’s just one piece of making content marketing work.

Before you write, you have to have a strategy in place, and an outline, and clear goals for what you’re writing, and the reasons why.

And then after you write, you still need to:

  • Get approvals and reviews
  • Add metadata (descriptions, titles, tags, etc.)
  • Include additional elements like images
  • Add the finished piece to your CMS

On top of that, you’ve also got to maintain, optimize, and revise the existing content on your site. The time it takes to complete this process – from assigning content, to publication, to distribution – is what we call “content velocity”.

The teams that get the best results from their content are also (usually) able to move fast. They can come up with a new idea and publish it within a few weeks – and their old stuff gets updated regularly, too.

🏄 What you can do

If you’re feeling frustrated with your current content velocity, do a quick inventory:

  • Content strategy – Is everyone aligned on the program and intent? (Poor alignment leads to lots of disagreements and extra communication.)
  • Production – Is communication with your writers as smooth as possible? (Clunky communication slows down production.)
  • Editorial – Could the the review and approval process be streamlined? Can you remove some reviewers, or change them into contributors whose input is helpful, but not required? (A glutted review process takes up hours that could be better allocated to production.)
  • Technology – Does the idea of putting new content up on the site create dread? Does your team understand all the switches they have to flip to make that happen? (People can waste an astounding amount of time with a CMS they don’t understand.)

And if any of those ring alarm bells, drill down further. What are the things in your process that take the most time, and add the least value – and can they be removed?

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