Clean up your Javascript

June 28, 2021

Have you ever gone to a website, and suddenly everything on your computer slows down? And the fan on your computer gets really loud? And your Zoom interlocutors ask, “Should you really be talking to us while flying a vintage prop plane?”

That’s JavaScript, baby!

Websites use JavaScript to do pretty much anything that involves any kind of processing – animations, various widgets, some types of form submissions, and, best of all, tracking your every move.

Some JavaScript can be useful. But too much JavaScript will slow down your site, frustrate your visitors, and hurt your rankings and conversions.

🏄 What you can do

If your company uses Google Tag Manager, it should be fairly easy to take a look through and pause tags that aren’t needed. (Without GTM, you might enlist the help of your web dev.)

Remove outdated or unnecessary trackers from third-party services:

  • That analytics service you tried out 3 years ago
  • A/B testing tools that only need to run on the pages you’re conducting A/B tests on
  • Advertising pixels for channels you’re not using anymore

Or ask your analytics manager to add “triggers” for just the correct set of pages where appropriate.

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