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Get control of your content analytics

Ottimo helps marketers turn data into decisions. Use clear analytics and simple recommendations to optimize your entire content library.

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Connect. Analyze. Optimize.

Connect with your existing analytics tools to track performance and discover opportunities, so you can keep your existing content fresh, accurate, and ranking. Use Action Items to discover your next opportunity and measure your impact with Collections.

Connect & sync

Getting started is easy. Sync Ottimo with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Filter for the pages you care about.

Track & optimize

Get up-to-date data insights and optimization suggestions. Identify, prioritize, and act on opportunities in your existing content library.

Search & discover

Review historical trends & monthly performance for your entire site. Drill down into the data for individual pages or topics within your content library.

Why we created Ottimo

As your content library matures, every piece within it must be maintained, updated, optimized. It’s a continuous cycle. To complete it strategically, and at scale, you need a way to easily locate, compare, and sort content according to strategic metrics. Ottimo enables us to provide the kind of strategic content management that we simply couldn’t find in existing tools. For example: sorting libraries by traditional performance metrics as well as qualitative considerations like topic strategy and keyword usage.

We’re *actually* here to help

We’re marketers who love spreadsheets, algorithms, code, and data. And we love helping other marketers with interesting challenges. Tackling the hard stuff together is what we like to do.

We don’t just show you the way—we’re in this with you too.

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