Google Tag Manager, Schmoogle Tag Manager

June 10, 2021

This question has come up in a few client meetings. Maybe you’ve been asking it too.

What is Google Tag Manager? Should I care, as a content marketer?

Google Tag Manager is a way of putting JavaScript tags on your site – and managing them – more easily.

It’s not weird for a site to have dozens of these tags for various purposes, with wide-ranging effects on analytics and site performance – both things that you probably care deeply about as a content marketer!

Tag Manager simplifies crucial web dev work:

  • Add analytics tags when and where you need them
  • Remove analytics tags when you don’t need them anymore – or only fire them if they’re needed – which makes your site faster
  • Manage and troubleshoot analytics tags that are causing problems with the site.

That means more time for adding new functionality, implementing new features, and other things that are more obviously helpful to users.

What should you do?

Ask some questions of your web dev: Is your team using GTM? Who is managing it? If you’re not using Google Tag Manager – or if nobody’s looked at it in a while – there can be some quick wins there for site performance and tracking.

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