Calls to action

5.1 Main CTA is available when the user is ready to engage with it

CTAs should be available for users when they’re ready to take the next steps, but probably not until then (for example, you might not want to prompt a user as soon as they land on the page.)

5.2 Limited number of CTAs

Limit the next steps you present to your users.

5.3 Next steps for visitors are clear

Make the most important next steps clear.

5.4 CTAs are relevant to the visitor

Pick CTAs that you think your users will be interested in.

5.5 Popup CTAs only show to users who have had a chance to engage with the content

Popping up a form is a common way to present a CTA to a user, but it’s helpful to wait until users have had a chance to find the information they were looking for.

5.6 "Thank you" pages encourage more interaction

Thank you pages – presented, for example, after a form fillout – are a good opportunity to present other relevant content to your visitor.