August 2020 Changelog

September 5, 2020

👋 Here’s a quick update on how we made Ercule service better in August 2020.

  • 🚢 We shipped the first version of our Content Stack Audit. We’re super excited to have a publicly-available resource that anyone can use to audit their performance across the entire content stack.
  • 🚢 Some useful additions to the content library this month, including “Building the idea-to-content pipeline” and “Speed is a feature”.
  • 🗺 We spent a lot of time on roadmapping our services, including things we offer to people who aren’t clients yet. In particular, we’re starting to write code with a goal of launching an app that we think will be very helpful to content marketers in parsing Google Analytics.
  • 🗺 Ercule clients know that we do care about backlinks, but we think about this in the context of a Link Distribution Strategy, of which backlinks are just one part. We’ve been developing the next version of our Link Distribution Strategy template, and are hoping to ship that soon.

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