About Ercule

We started Ercule because we get frustrated on behalf of non-technical marketers who need to know all kinds of weird things just to do their jobs.

We happen to love spreadsheets and algorithms and code, but you shouldn't have to, you know?

We're a full-stack agency, but we focus on SEO and content strategy, and most of our engagements start that way. We believe that:

  • An organic search strategy that’s well-executed today can improve your marketing across all channels, forever
  • Marketers should build an audience that they own (not search engines)
  • The best content libraries are treated as a product that’s continually improved
  • Underlying all successful marketing is an efficient idea-to-content pipeline that makes generating high-quality content part of the day to day operation of your business

We want to help as many marketers as possible do their best work, even the ones we aren't work with directly. So we also offer an 📰 informative newsletter, 📚 comprehensive library, 🍰 guides and 🏋🏽‍♂️workshops, and 🎩 daily tips on social.


Justin Dunham

Justin Dunham

Before founding Ercule, Justin worked as a Product Marketing Manager for GitHub’s collaboration products, as marketing lead for big data analytics company Dremio, and in various demand gen and other roles. Ask him about etymologies or the works of Isaac Asimov. Justin's LinkedIn is by turns helpful, entertaining, and occasionally spicy.

Justin Dunham

Dylan Stark

A cofounder of Ercule, Dylan is currently the most-mustachioed member of the team. He spent his years before Ercule working as a web strategist and developer for a wide range of clients, spanning top tech companies, horror movie festivals and local pizza joints. Lately you might find him searching high and low for the best breakfast burrito in portland or making Geocities-inspired websites.

Justin Dunham

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is a Partner at Ercule, and focuses on content performance, user experience, and design. He previously worked as a hardware validation & testing engineer at Intel, and as a chef at a number of restaurants in Portland, Oregon. Ask him which of the 1,000 cookbooks he owns is his favorite.

Justin Dunham

Josh Orr

Before joining up with Ercule in 2019, Josh spent more than a decade creating written and video content for a wide range of clients. He’s produced digital comedy for Microsoft, animation for Universal, journalism for New York Times Co., and documentary video for numerous nonprofit organizations.

Frequently asked questions

What's with the name?

We named ourselves after a fictional detective who is quite short, but also very good at his job. Like him, we are small, but effective.

OK, but how do I pronounce it?

You can pronounce the first syllable like "air", and then the second syllable like the "cule" in "molecule".

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